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Unlock the deeper realms of the ocean with the PADI Deep Diver course at Diving World! This course empowers you to extend your depth limit to 40 meters/130 feet, allowing you to explore deeper dive sites with confidence. Learn essential skills such as managing your gas supply, handling potential narcosis, and understanding deep dive planning and safety.

About the course

By the end of the PADI Deep Diver course at Diving World, you’ll have the skills and confidence to safely explore deeper diving sites up to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to manage the unique challenges of deeper scuba diving, such as increased gas consumption, narcosis management, and more complex dive planning.

The PADI Deep Diver course at Diving World is designed to extend your depth range, allowing you to explore deeper diving sites safely and responsibly. This course builds on your existing scuba diving skills, focusing specifically on the challenges and requirements of deep diving. Under the expert guidance of our PADI instructors, you will learn to manage the physiological effects of deeper scuba diving, such as nitrogen narcosis, and refine your dive planning and emergency management skills.

This course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of deep diving, involving much more than standard diving practices. You will participate in four dives that progressively extend your depth range up to 40 meters/130 feet. Throughout these dives, you will practice techniques for managing your gas supply, navigating in deeper water, and responding to potential emergencies. These dives aim to enhance your competence and confidence in deep water environments, emphasising safety and self-reliance.

By the end of the PADI Deep Diver course at Diving World, you will not only be proficient in the fundamental aspects of deep diving but also skilled in advanced deep diving techniques. This certification opens up new possibilities for diving adventures that are deeper and more challenging than typical recreational diving limits allow. It is a crucial step towards further advanced diving certifications and specialties, broadening your diving horizons and enhancing your understanding of the underwater world.

Learn the Basics Through PADI eLearning®

Learn the Basics Through PADI eLearning®

The eLearning component for the PADI Deep Diver course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to safely plan and execute dives that extend beyond the typical recreational limits. You will learn about managing your gas supply, identifying and handling narcosis, and understanding the important safety considerations that come with deep diving.

eLearning Details:

  • Duration: Typically requires 2-4 hours of self-guided study.
  • Accessibility: Learn online using any device or download the materials for offline study, ensuring flexibility to fit your schedule.
  • Instructor Interaction: Engage with your instructor to clarify doubts and discuss deep diving strategies as you prepare for your practical dives.
Open Water Dives

Open Water Dives

The core of the PADI Deep Diver course involves four open water dives, where you will apply the skills learned during your eLearning and confined water sessions in actual deep diving scenarios.

Dive Details:

  • Number of Dives: Complete four open water dives.
  • Depth: Conduct dives progressively deeper, culminating in dives close to the maximum depth of 40 meters (130 feet), as per PADI standards and safety guidelines.
  • Support: Experience close supervision and continuous support from your PADI Instructor, enhancing both safety and confidence as you explore deeper diving environments.
  • What Do You Want to Know?

What is the PADI Deep Diver course?

What is the PADI Deep Diver course?

The PADI Deep Diver course is designed to extend your diving capabilities to deeper depths safely. It focuses on the skills, techniques, and knowledge necessary to dive up to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet. You’ll learn about deep dive planning, gas management, dealing with narcosis, and emergency procedures.

Who can enroll in the Deep Diver course?

Divers who are at least 15 years old and have earned a PADI Adventure Diver certification or higher are eligible to enroll in the Wreck Diver course. It is suited for those who have a keen interest in exploring historical underwater sites.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

To enroll in the Deep Diver course, you must be a certified PADI Adventure Diver or hold a comparable certification from another training organization. You also need to be at least 15 years old.

What does the course involve?

The course includes studying deep diving principles through eLearning, practicing deep dive skills in a controlled environment, and completing four open water dives to apply what you’ve learned.

How long does the Deep Diver course take?

The course typically takes 2-3 days to complete. This includes time for eLearning, confined water skill practice, and the four required open water dives, which are spread over a minimum of two days to ensure safety and proper skill development.

What equipment will I need for the Deep Diver course?

Besides your standard scuba equipment, you will need a dive computer and a dive light. Other recommended items include a slate for communication and possibly a redundant air source. Your dive centre can help you with rentals and purchases if you do not have your own.

What skills will I learn in this course?

You will learn to plan and execute deep dives, manage your gas supply, recognise and manage narcosis, and handle potential emergencies. This includes using appropriate deep dive techniques and safety protocols.

Where are the open water dives conducted?

The open water dives are typically conducted at sites that offer appropriate depths for deep diving. The exact locations depend on local conditions and geography but are chosen to provide both safety and interesting environments for training.

Can I count my deep dives towards other certifications?

Yes, the Deep Diver Speciality course counts towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification . Discuss this option with your instructor to ensure proper credit.

What are the risks of deep diving?

Deep diving comes with increased risks such as greater air consumption, quicker onset of nitrogen narcosis, and more significant changes in buoyancy. Proper training helps manage these risks effectively.

How can I sign up for the Deep Diver course?

You can sign up by contacting Diving World Victoria directly or visiting our website. We will guide you through the enrollment process, including access to eLearning materials and scheduling your dives.

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