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Dive deeper with the experts at Diving World! Our dedicated team of seasoned divers brings over three decades of unmatched expertise and passion to ensure you experience the best of Mauritius’s underwater wonders. From our founders to our skilled instructors, each member is committed to making your diving adventure safe, educational, and unforgettable. Meet the professionals who make Diving World the top choice for divers around the globe.

François Besson - Diving World

François Besson

François Besson stands as a pillar of diving excellence, both in Mauritius and internationally. As the founder of Diving World Mauritius, François has dedicated over thirty years to nurturing and leading one of the most prestigious diving operations on the island. His journey began with a passion for the sea and evolved into a career that has significantly shaped the diving landscape in Mauritius.

Experience and Influence Under François’s leadership, Diving World has not only provided thousands of divers with exceptional underwater experiences but has also set high standards for safety and diver education in the industry. His extensive knowledge and experience have made him a respected figure in diving communities worldwide, and his commitment to promoting diving as a recreational and educational activity continues to inspire new generations of divers.


  • CMAS 3* Instructor: François is certified as a CMAS 3* Instructor, a prestigious designation that underscores his comprehensive dive training and ability to handle complex diving operations.
  • PADI Instructor: As a PADI-certified Instructor, François adheres to the highest standards of diver education and safety protocols established by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.
  • NAUI Instructor: His NAUI Instructor certification further highlights his versatility and commitment to providing a broad range of diving education programs.

Gideon Malan

Joining Diving World in 2016 as a partner, Gideon Malan brought with him a profound passion for the marine world and a dedication to sharing the magic of underwater exploration with others. With over twenty years of experience in the diving industry, Gideon possesses a deep and intimate knowledge of aquatic life and the complexities of underwater environments. His commitment to diver safety and education is matched only by his enthusiasm for creating captivating underwater content that showcases the beauty and diversity of marine ecosystems.

Diver Qualifications:

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
  • CMAS 2* Instructor

Gideon’s approach to diving is infused with a passion not only for exploration but also for conservation. He believes in creating immersive diving experiences that are both safe and environmentally responsible. Beyond leading dives and managing operations at Diving World, Gideon is actively involved in developing educational programs that emphasise the importance of marine conservation. His work in underwater videography and photography has helped bring the underwater experience to a broader audience, inspiring many to take an interest in diving and marine conservation.

Gideon Malan - Diving World

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