Sustaining the Sea. Our Commitment to Marine Conservation

At Diving World, we believe in diving responsibly. Our sustainability efforts are designed to protect the marine environments we cherish and explore. By adhering to our Green Policies and promoting eco-responsible behaviors, we ensure that every dive contributes positively to the health of our oceans. Join us in our commitment to preserve the underwater world for future generations, ensuring that every dive is not just an adventure, but a step towards conservation.

Our Green Policies

At Diving World, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our operations, and we have established a series of green policies to ensure that our practices not only respect but actively protect the marine ecosystems we explore. Here’s how we implement our commitment through rigorous policies.

Eco-Responsibility Charter

All team members at Diving World are mandated to follow our Best Practice Charter, which encompasses a wide range of eco-responsible behaviours and operational procedures. This charter is designed to minimise our environmental footprint while enhancing the health of the marine environment.

Respect for Marine Life

We enforce strict no-touch policies to preserve the natural behaviour and habitat of marine creatures. Our staff and guests are prohibited from touching, prodding, or disturbing any marine life, ensuring that our presence is as non-intrusive as possible.

Prohibition of Fishing Activities

To maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem, neither employees nor guests are allowed to engage in fishing activities from our dive boats. This policy helps in preserving the marine species and contributes to sustainable marine biodiversity.

Restriction on Feeding Fish

Feeding fish or any marine animals during dives disrupts their natural feeding behaviours and dietary needs. At Diving World, we strictly prohibit feeding marine life to avoid altering their natural habits and interactions.

Turtle Interaction Protocol

Turtles are among the most enchanting creatures we encounter during our dives. To protect them, we have a clear protocol that instructs divers to maintain a minimum distance of one meter from the turtles, never to swim directly above them, and to observe them quietly without causing stress or disruption.

Dolphin and Turtle Viewing Guidelines

When encountering dolphins or turtles, our boats are required to maintain a safe distance. If guests are in the water, they must not touch these creatures. The boat’s skipper is tasked with ensuring all interactions are conducted safely and respectfully, adhering to our guidelines of minimal impact on wildlife.

Briefings with Conservation Focus

Every dive briefing includes reminders of our green policies, with special emphasis on specific behaviours expected from our divers, especially when diving at sites known for frequent wildlife encounters.

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